Beautiful Spain

Spain, a perfect holiday destination

Spain is the Iberian country which will surprise you again and again. The beautiful panoramas that can be admired here are unique in world; the beaches are the most crowded ones in Europe, and are much appreciated for their fine sands and clear water. The coasts of Spain are very beautiful and there are numerous holiday resorts there for your enjoyment.

Visit Maspalomas

Maspalomas is an amazing city on Gran Canaria Island. It is much like a desert, as you can admire huge dunes of sand. Beside the fact that you can enjoy the turquoise water, in Maspalomas you can ride a camel, as you would in Egypt; tourists love this fact and visit Maspalomas very often. The environment is very relaxing and peaceful, although it is quite a crowded vacation resort. As it is a very nice place, numerous villas and hotels were built around the area. Once you are here, you should not miss admiring the most popular lagoon in southern Spain; the views around La Charca lagoon will leave you breathless. Maspalomas Golf Course is also worth visiting; it is extremely well equipped and the staff is very nice and talkative. If you are a fan of shopping, then don’t worry. In Maspalomas, Faro 2 is the most important commercial centre, and trust me, you’ll find everything you need there. Beside the numerous shops and stalls, in Faro 2 you’ll find specific restaurants, bars and pubs. Playa de Ingles is a much visited beach, being very appreciated by younger people; here you can find a lot of information which concerns Spain and Maspalomas, you can buy maps and low price tickets. If you want to go to a nudist beach, Maspalomas is also perfect, as there are a lot of places dedicated to nudists.

Other attractions of Maspalomas

If you want to admire many animals, birds and plants, then go and see Maspalomas! The national park is one of the largest in Europe and it houses millions of species of living creatures. It is called Palmitos Parks and is one of the most known places in Gran Canarias; it houses the largest collection of amazing butterflies in Europe, rare species of plants, beautiful gardens with orchids and cactus. The endangered species are protected here, so it is also an extremely valuable place. Last but not least, if you visit Maspalomas you should not miss a fun day at the water park; different attractions wait for you to enjoy them. In the end, have a good drink and taste some tapas in order to have the perfect Spanish holiday.